Menny Reis
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Menny Reis
Menny Mãozinhas

I met Bhout while I was training to become a fitness instructor and immediately thought it would be an excellent option for an internship since I am a boxer.

Fortunately, I had that opportunity, and after completing the internship, I continued my stay there as a coach.

My favorite music styles are pop, rock, and hip hop, and I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

I consider myself a very friendly and funny person, very competitive, which has its positives and negatives.

My life is quite simple without big adventures; I'm a boxer and coach, so most of my day revolves around combat sports, which is adventure enough for me.

My secret power is the ability to learn.

I enjoy making people happy with what makes me happy (boxing, physical exercise) and leaving a mark on the lives of those around me.

Make sure you are everything you were born to be.
Menny Reis
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