What if fun and engagement
met Fitness & Health?

That's How Everything Started...
That's How Everything Started...
That's How Everything Started...
That's How Everything Started...

From a dream to
a successful experiment.

In 2019 we started to materialize our dream.

After years of R&D in our garage, we finally started testing the premises of what would become the BHOUT technology with real users.

Psychology, gamification principles and nudging research all were built into the first technology proven to influence human behaviour and motivation.

Building the dream.

The first test gave us the energy to keep pushing forward. During the 2nd Covid shutdown, we invested all of our personal finances to launch the very first BHOUT Club - the Lab!

Most of the construction work was actually done by our team - so we can say we have sweat, tears and some blood were invested in those walls.

During this pandemic time, we noticed a shift in consumer behavior, as people were moving into a more hybrid way of consuming exercise - home, gym, office, and others.

Introducing the most sophisticated
punching bag in the world

We always believed that our boxing bag needed to deliver amazing experiences independently of people’s location.

With that in mind, we designed the BHOUT Bag - the very first punching bag with a brain that would include future-proof technology.

Created & supported by an amazing team.

Mauro Frota
Co-founding CEO
Pedro Barata
Co-founding CXO
Salvador Barros
Head of Growth
Mário Santos
João Oliveira
BHOUT Club Manager
Catarina Mateus
Head of Customer Success & Community
Pedro Serra
Sérgio Sousa
Head of Movement Experience
Deodato do Ó
Head of Club Expansion
Cátia Francisco
Head of People & Culture
Fernando Valente
Head of Production & Logistics
Inês dos Reis
Laura Gouveia
Embedded Systems Engineer
Sara Karim
Head of Brand & Communications
Oleksandr Bodashko
Android Software Developer
Nuno Gonçalves
Facilities Quality Manager
Carlos Duque
Head of Construction & Maintenance
Nuno Cordeiro
iOS Software Developer

That stands for these core values👇


Simple and user friendly to make it more accessible, democratic and fun.


Everyone is different. We acknowledge and celebrate each individual.


We are what we are. We don’t hide or pretend.


BHOUT makes a diference. Everything we do has a punch, gets noticed.


Eternally evolving. Driving the fitness world forward. Creating new rituals and trends.


We are a team of many. To build a community we have to build connections, using technology, creating live experiences.

join the bhouter community
join the bhouter community
join the bhouter community
join the bhouter community
BHOUT community
A community where everyone belongs.
The future of exergaming is here.