First time? We'll help.

At the BHOUT Club there’s no front desk. Enter as if it were your home and seamlessly self-check in. The coach will provide you with gloves and brief you on the equipment and class format.

Be sure to watch the “first timer” walkthrough videos below, so you know what to expect beforehand.
PLAY Bhout.
PLAY Bhout.
PLAY Bhout.
PLAY Bhout.
Ready for your first BHOUT session?

Make sure to arrive at the club 10 minutes prior to class in order to ensure a seamless self-check-in experience. Remember, our club does not have a reception desk.

Check out this short video which provides a brief tour of our space. Our house is your house!

Our Nudging system combines music with flashing lights. Please contact your coach before class if you have a condition that can be triggered by this.
Give it your ALL in the bag. Let's BHOUT!

During your class, expect personalized attention from our expert coaches. They will provide verbal instructions and hands-on assistance to ensure you get the most out of every moment.

Have a drink, relax & connect.

At BHOUT, we foster a culture of community. Join us and connect with like-minded members, stay informed about exciting monthly challenges, and participate in engaging events both at our Club and on social media.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your towel and shampoo! Our BHOUT clubs provide individualized shower cabins for you to get ready post class.

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The DNA of a Bhouter
Bhout Man
Rejuvenate your confidence.

Bhouters believe that a right hook is the key to a right mind. Playing BHOUT is uplifting and supports you to rebuild your confidence.

Is BHOUT for you?
The DNA of a Bhouter
Bhout Kid
This is your moment.

Disconnect from the world around you and become immersed in your BHOUT session. Tap into an elevated level of focus and confidence that will provide you with the tools to crush your goals!

Bhout Woman
You and your friends.

Go out with your friends for a fun and exciting experience. Join the community and enjoy the opportunity to meet like-minded Bhouters.
Friends that BHOUT together, stay together.

BHOUT Coaches

Coaches to support and uplift you.

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What more than
3,000 Bhouters have to say.
Average BHOUT Rating
Luís Sousa

Super friendly staff! Very good facilities and fantastic workouts for fitness! I love the gaming concept!

Mónica Galocha

Different and very dynamic space and concept combined with the professionalism and good disposition of all team members, make BHOUT the BEST option for those looking to (...)

Hugo Costa

A super team inside super facilities, but above all I highlight the professionalism, which challenges us, but at the same time makes us feel part of the concept. Those (...)

Débora Oliveira

Impeccable place, good playlist to accompany the workouts that vary between cardio and strength. Top teachers who always push us. Great place to clear your mind and leave(...)

Sofia Aureliano

I'm a big fan of BHOUT. I wasn't a very sporty person until I discovered this place, this family. Now, I can't afford not to workout four to five days a week! It is an (...)

Freedom is just one punch away.
It's aBHOUT time to put your gloves on.
FAQ & Support
Have any doubts?
Can I choose my coach?
Can I choose my coach?

BHOUT certified Coaches are a fundamental part of your experience in the club and are always available to help and support you. Each class counts with one coach and you can see who will lead the session at the moment of booking, in our app.

If you want a personalised session with a specific coach, you can always schedule a Personal Training session.

I want to bring a friend along. How do I do that?
I want to bring a friend along. How do I do that?

As you book a slot in a session, you have an option in the BHOUT Club app to add up to two friends. Each friend you add is worth 1 credit.