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BHOUT Bag Kit*
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Bhout Bag
BHOUT Bag with
Bhout Gloves
Boxing gloves
Bhout Starps
Bhout App
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*90-days risk-free trial period. Shipping costs included on the price.
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Bhout Bag
Self-standing Rig
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Bhout Bag
Companion screen
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Access a 25% discount on the BHOUT Bag Kit price
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Special treat delivered to all BHOUT BAG pioneers
Social Media appreciation: Video sent by our CEO on our social media appreciating all BHOUT pioneers.
Join an early-stage Community where we can share special updates, involve you in decisions for our mission, and show you unique videos from our development
Earn a special badge for being a BHOUT Pioneer (given on the BHOUT App)
Be the lucky winner of the BHOUT Bag Kit for Free.
Be one of the 3 BHOUT Pioneers randomly selected for a trip to Lisbon to meet the team and to feel the bag before it’s available.
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BHOUT knock-outs wins!
BHOUT knock-outs wins!

- The BHOUT Bag was named one of the best inventions of 2023. by TIME Magazine [Nov 2023]

- The BHOUT Bag is a "Innovation by Design" honoree. by the Fast Company [Oct 2023]
- BHOUT was named the most exciting startup company of 2023 on the fitness technology sector. Fitness Technology Summit [Nov 2023]

- The BHOUT Club was recognized as one of the Most Innovative Fitness Facilities in the World. Fitness Industry Technology Council [March 2023]

- 4 Patents Pending. Our proprietary technology is a result of a lot of effort to build something new and special for you.

How can I get my BHOUT Bag?
How can I get my BHOUT Bag?

1. Pay 200 USD to reserve today one of the first exclusive 250 BHOUT Bags. No risk. You are refunded if unsatisfied.
2. Your Bag will be ready for shipping by September 2024.

3. When your Bag is ready for delivery, you will be notified to order your reserved Bag. The price will deducted on the reservation cost.

How will the lights of the studio be recreated at home?
How will the lights of the studio be recreated at home?

Inspired by videogames, the BHOUT Bag and App will automatically apply the right color in sync with the right music, every time.

Turn your training corner at home even more immersive. Just dim the lights and get transported to an all different environment, a mix between a gaming and fitness studio.

What is the BHOUT App and how much does it cost?
What is the BHOUT App and how much does it cost?

The BHOUT App allows you to create your own routines or choose routines created by the community, play BHOUT and get stats like never before.

You can also join communities in your city, company, school, people of your level, etc.

The BHOUT world is for everyone and if you can’t find your community, you can also create it from scratch.

The BHOUT App works on a subscription model. The price is $39.99 per family per month. Or 12$ per user per month. Billing only starts after the first 12 months have passed, which are our initial offer to all early customers.

What is included in the package when I purchase the bag?
What is included in the package when I purchase the bag?

The early BHOUT Customers will benefit from a 25% off discount.

The BHOUT Bag Kit package includes:

- The BHOUT Bag, with amazing technology and striking feeling;

- Two elastic resistances (Medium - 20lb/9kg & Heavy - 30lb/14Kg), to support your strength activities;

- Premium Boxing Gloves & Hand Wraps, to hit the bag with the best feeling and safety;

- Access to the BHOUT App for free, during the first 12 months. Early Bhouters are getting 24 months for free ;)

- Get a 90-days risk-free trial. If you are not satisfied you can get refunded & return the product at no additional cost.

- Shipping costs included.