Our Future

Imagine getting paid to play and get fit.

Sweat & Earn

Welcome to the new family life.

Every family member has their moment. Mom loves group classes, Dad likes to compete with his brother, and Joe is always ready to play a game. They BHOUT because exercising is not a synonym of pain nor an obligation, it means a fun time.

Now, exercising pays off in JAB$. JAB$ are the financial benefit for continuing doing sports. You can purchase anything in exchange for playing with BHOUT.


Mum wakes up for a BHOUT live.

Future MotherFuture Mother

She uses her JAB$ for purchasing those workout shoes she wanted so bad!


At lunch-time Dad agrees with his brother to CMPT on a live competition round as his brother wants to become a BHOUT pro.

Future Brother
Future Father

Dad uses his JAB$ for offering his brother
some amazing Pro Gloves.


10 year old Joe, feels like hitting some zombies on the PLAY app.

Future KidFuture Kid

Joe uses his JAB$ to upgrade his game equipment.

Our Future

This is where we are headed, a world where you can earn through exercise.

We aim to encourage people to want to exercise and be rewarded for doing so.

Ready for your first round?
Put your gloves on. It’s time to play BHOUT.
Bhout Woman